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Things to Consider Before Initiating the Animal Physiotherapy at Home

Animal Physiotherapy

We have heard humans gain a lot of issues and risks when they reach old age. Just like them, some dogs undergo a lot of spine issues and back pain. There are many therapies and massages for dogs that help them to improve their whole body functionality in a great way. There are many exercises and physical activities the veterinary space does on dogs. Nevertheless, are the canine exercises that one can carry out at home. We may love or may not like dogs, but many friends of yours might have disabled dogs that are living their life in wheelchairs. Injuries can restrict dogs to lead a healthy lifestyle. This post is for those owners to bring their loved ones back to life. There are certain things you should consider before heading towards helping your canine pet. From here on, we will see the different steps and tips you must undergo to help your pet.

  1. Enquire a veterinarian: the first step is to ask the opinion and work closely with the pet’s veterinarian. The person can also be a licensed physical therapist who has specialized specifically in the canine platform.
  2. Pointing out the issues and risks concerning dogs: the second step is to understand the position and goals of the physical areas where the dog is hurt and how it can be cured. A licensed physical therapist may help you to point out these issues and steps to overcome this efficiently. As a responsible owner you may even ask; what kind of activities will trigger the dog and will he/she regain the physical strength once the therapy is over.

Physical Therapy

Dog Physical Therapy Exercises You can do at Home

There are a bunch of physical exercises and functional exercises that can help your dog to regain back to normal. These are not rough and tough exercises besides; they are mild and can be very useful for the pets. The below-given are some of the variety of animal physiotherapy exercises you can try at home for the betterment of your dog.

  1. Full-Body Exercises: the first action is to have a full-body exercise; it can be swimming, various courses, and any exercise that involves the use of a complete body.
  2. Controlled Leash Walking: the second exercise is to control the walking time and control the leash while walking. Do not force the dog to run wild or climb the stairs often. Instead, you can restrict these climbing by using a chest harness and a lead.


  1. Dancing: slight movements by lifting the dog’s two front paws and dancing will help the dog to regain its strength in the legs as well as muscles.
  2. Sit and Stand: command your dog to sit and stand by calling the name from one corner and surprising them by giving a treat. This will be an exercise for the brain and body. It will also help to increase alertness.




Top 10 Reasons to Adopt from an Animal Shelter

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt from an Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are the heaven for abandoned and street pets and animals that seek love and nurture from a family. If you’re on the verge of adopting a pet, then we humbly request you to adopt from an animal shelter.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider adopting a pet from the animal shelter.

 #1 You’re saving a life

Like the aforementioned, the animals in an animal shelter are usually useless and unwanted. By adopting them, you not only save a life, but also help in providing them a second chance and a second home.

You’re helping to abolish mass-cruelty

 #2 You’re helping to abolish mass-cruelty

In today’s world, Pet care has become more of a business than a duty of compassion and humanity. By adopting a puppy, kitten, parrot or a rabbit from such places, you can help abolish cruelty to a considerable extent and provide companionship to the animal.

#3 You break the stigma of pet over-population

Pet overpopulation is a serious issue, especially when we’re running out of humans to adopt and nurture these animals. By taking a step towards this, you not only raise your voice for the cause, but also walk in the right direction.

#4 You have the advantage of adopting an adult

Some of the owners find baby animals annoying and irritating, mostly because of they are high maintenance and require 24×7 care and concern. But by adopting from the animal shelter, you have the option of adopting an adult like your needs.


#5 You are in for a life-time resource

By adopting a pet from the animal shelter care, you not only come in good terms with the animal, but also come in good terms with the employees, and volunteers of the shelter, that provide you with the necessary information whenever you’re in need.

#6 You can choose from a variety of animals.

Shelters are not places where they keep only one kind of animal for adoption or just one breed. From parrots, and rabbits to the Siberian huskies, cows, etc, you can find a wide range of animals to choose from. If you’re human enough, you might as well take that parrot back home that is craving for some love and chilies.

 #7 You adopt an animal that once received good care

Animals in a shelter are generally abandoned or lost- which means they’re already prone to love and nurture from their master. Hence, this is making your work easier because they’re aware of the basic commands.

You support a cause, charity or community

 #8 You support a cause, charity or community

When you’re adopting a pet from such shelters, you’re either helping a community or a non-profit-organization that is struggling to reach their voice to the public in a mass sector. Hence, you’ll provide more strength and power to their cause.

 #9 You can pay less

The main goal of a shelter is to reach the pets to a home where they grow with a family. Hence, money is not their prime goal and you generally adopt the pets for a lesser price.

#10 You can encourage others

Once you’re are and a part of the cause, you automatically spread the word like fire.