Concept Of Child Development

The society comprises of people and all people have to understand the concept of child development. Children from the future of any society so their growth in all aspects is a prerequisite. Right from the infant using best bottle for gas to nurse and care for them, to the end of adolescence. Growth and learning of all children have to be monitored in the best way. The major role played in the development of the child is that of parents. Good parenting is always the basic need for growing children.



What is child development? 

It is all about the overall growth and development in all aspects which are needed to bring up a child as a good citizen in the future. When we talk about all aspects it simply means, the emotional, psychological, and biological growth of the child.

  • Emotional development 

The emotional aspect deals with feelings of a child regarding his or her family, surrounding, relatives, friends, society, and more importantly about himself. When the child is born, he is absolutely a pure mind and body to be well polished by his parents. His emotional bent is formed on the feelings he is encountered with. Parents have to give a clear picture of how the feelings matter and hold a very important role in shaping up the future thinking of their child.

  • Biological development

 As the children grow up they notice several changes in their bodies, unlike infants who can be cared for with best bottles for gas and fussiness if they are having colic. At times they don’t respond and accept the physical changes in their body just because they don’t understand the reason and need of these physical changes. Parents have to make up with the children in a friendly manner to explain every change that takes place. The main idea is to inculcate a positive feeling about the human body and tell them all possible details for due reasons.

  • Psychological development

This development is the most complicated change that has no particular track as it deals with the different kinds of environments, ages, society, relationships, etc contribute and form the base of psychological changes. Parents have to be a little extra cautious while explaining their developments. It involves different aspects of learning, behavioral changes. There is no fixed rule to deal with psychology. Children need to be explained about the variation regarding various cultures, people, societies to make them understand the philosophy of life. Although there is no assurance of being able to tell everything but parents can always take precautionary measures to avoid their child from confronting any kind of difficulties in the future.


Child development as discussed above is about good and overall parenting in a planned manner. Parents have to bring up their children with an overall understanding of various changes and developments that take place while the growth of a child. Their bringing up should be in a manner where every child is brought up to become a good and efficient citizen of society. All parents can do this with a little planning in the ways of bringing up their children.