Beckett was found dumped in the desert just outside of LA a few years ago. His nails were worn down to nothing and he was severely underweight. We believe Beckett may have been a bait dog. We don't know how long he was left to fend for himself. He was picked up by a local couple making a road trip from LA to Reno when they saw him wandering around. They took him into their home for two years and tried to help him overcome some of his past. In time they realized Beckett's needs were beyond what they were able to manage. They did a wonderful job and they saved his life. What's more, they wanted what is best for him and gave him the opportunity of a lifetime by seeking out help that would allow him to get to where he needs to be. This beautiful boy was welcomed into our program winter 2013.


For the past year Beckett has been working on social skills, meeting new people, different dogs and getting out and exploring the big wide world. He's be-friended more volunteers than we can count and greets each and every one with a smile and a warm welcome, Beckett style. Beckett bonds with his people and he's a loyal, faithful guy that will run all day with you and lay his head gently on your lap at night.

Beckett is an athlete in every sense of the word. He absolutely brightens up when out on a walk, hike or run. This boy lives for adventures in the great outdoors and is looking for a best friend to be his first mate. Beckett is well-mannered on leash and easy to walk. He's great for car rides and road trips. What's more, he is one smart cookie! He loves to learn and has a few great skills he's already mastered.

As for looks, well what can we say? He's gorgeous! If he were a person he would be captain of the football team and prom king for sure. Affectionate, loving, protective, loyal, confident and energetic... if you're looking for these qualities in a canine friend, look no further! Becket is looking for an active, adult only home. He's good with female dogs and enjoys a calm canine companion to hang out with. Sorry no kitties please.

Beckett is a 4 year old neutered male pit bull terrier. He's house-trained and up to date on vaccinations.


Check out Beckett's video at Beckett is a MOVIE STAR!!

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For more information about Beckett, to set up a visit, or find out more about any of our other dogs available for adoption, please check out the ADOPT page of our website or call 775.800.1906.

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