At the core of everything we do is the belief that every dog is an individual. No assessment is ever made and no training begins until we have personally spent time with the dog, observed the dog, learned the dog and experienced their energy, presence and behavior first hand.

When looking at the behavior and training of canines, there's breeding, DNA, individual personality, previous training methods used, natural temperament, energy level, history, environment, and so much more that play into each and every scenario. There is no "one" method that works on every dog simply because there are no two canines that are the same. More than anything, we want you and your dog to work as a team. You may be the leader of the team, but you still need to love, respect and trust one another. Learning what's driving their behavior is critical to success. And, it may not be what you think. Before anything can be accomplished, we must work to build a good line of communication and mutual respect between human and canine. Your dog should look up at you and listen because of the relationship you have built and the respect you have given. We don't want them to learn by being corrected. We want them to learn through respectful communication. In any relationship, isn't that what you would want? If improving and changing behavior is desired, why would we treat dogs any differently? Working together, it's a beautiful thing.

Whatever your challenge, whatever your question, whatever training methods you've already tried... we've got your back. Been kicked out of other classes? Tried multiple trainers without success? Wondering "why" your dog is doing what they are doing? If you are feeling frustrated or have tried multiple methods without much improvement, you are in the right place. From beginner to advanced. From small questions to big challenges. We don't care about breed, age, size, condition or any label that has been placed upon any dog. They are individuals and we are passionate about helping them overcome! We care deeply about you and your dog. Give us a call or send us an e-mail today to set up a no pressure appointment. We keep it positive and insightful! From training and behavior help to rehoming, we have a variety of programs and services that can offer the support you need.

educational classes

Sources of Aggression

This is an educational class, humans only please. 90 minutes. Cost $50.

Learn to identify at least 18 different types of aggression. The reasons and motivations behind aggression and the process that frequently leads you there. Learn about stack stimulus, triggers, and thresholds, ask questions and more. Whether you are experiencing aggression with a dog at home, are a rescue group needing to educate yourself or just curious to learn more about canine behavior, join us for this intimate and informative class.

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This class is full of information and typically generates a lot of questions and/or topics for discussion. The instructor will stay after class for a full 30 to 45 minutes for anyone that would like to discuss further.

Understanding Canine Communication I

This is an educational class, humans only please. 90 minutes. Cost $50.

This class is jammed packed with information! Whether you are a beginner at understanding canine behavior or a professional in the dog training field, you will gain insight as to how dogs learn, how they process information, how they communicate, what drives them to do what they do and so much more. You'll walk away with a few "ah-ha" moments and think to yourself... "no wonder my dog does that!" The information in this class absolutely critical for for anyone that comes into contact with canines.

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Understanding Canine Communication II

This is an educational class, humans only please. 90 minutes. Cost $50.

**Must take Understanding Canine Communication prior to signing up for this class. This class will take everything you learned in UCC and dive deeper. There is much to cover and the more you learn, the more you realize you have a lot to learn. The information in this class absolutely critical for for anyone that comes into contact with canines.

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Canine Anxiety and Reactivity:

This is an educational class, humans only please. 90 minutes. Cost $50.

Anxiety is the root cause of so many bad behaviors in canines. Just as humans experience stress, worry and anxiety on a daily basis, dogs do too. In canines it shows up in so many different forms - separation anxiety, leash/barrier reactivity, excessive vocalization, destructive behavior and so much more. If not dealt with properly, it can lead to extreme behavior such as aggression. Join us as we dive into specifics as to where it all begins for our canine companions, how it progresses and what humans can do to help those canines that experience it. Join us for this eye opening and informative class. There is a lot of information covered in this 1.5 hour class.Be on the lookout for an Anxiety Class II.

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Rescue groups and shelters receive $10 off all Intensive Training Sessions and a 20% discount on all other classes and services.

Behavior Consultation: $100

Use this 75 minute consultation however you wish. Tell us your challenges, experiences, goals. Ask your questions. Or, talk to us about a specific behavior that you'd like us to help you address. You choose. You will walk away with insight as to what's driving the behavior, how to adjust your habits at home so you are speaking your dogs language, how to become in better alignment with what motivates your dog and lastly, a plan on how we can help at CRCS through ongoing training. Ideally, we mix and match our different services to fit your time and budget. It's your time. We are here to help with whatever you need.

Intensive Training: $80 (Package Deals Available)

Drop your dog off at CRCS for an afternoon of fun and positive, intense training! This program is meant to identify and/or target a specific behavior and really dive into what's behind it all. In order to help our canine companions overcome a specific area of challenge, we need to find out what the root cause is. It's one thing to treat the symptom by teaching them obedience training or by using some type of equipment (like a special collar or leash or spray). It is something entirely different to address the root cause of the issue. Once the root cause is identified, we've got our plan on how to overcome from there. Please note: One visit is not a "Fix It" button. We humans don't conquer our fears, calm our anxieties or become great at any one thing by trying it once. Our canine companions are no different. During various stages of ongoing intensive training, you'll have the ability to watch, learn and observe while our team works with your dog. This is a great service to use in conjunction with group classes, one on one training or while you do your part at home. You'll be shocked at the results. And your dog will too!

One on One Training: $80

Did you know that the majority of behavior challenges dogs display on the leash is directly related to how we humans message them? Using leash corrections, physical strength or pushing a button isn't quite communicating what you think it is. No wonder dogs have so many challenges understanding what we are trying to say! We aren't speaking their language! The number one way canines communicate is through energy and body language. The one on one training sessions are an amazing opportunity to work with your dog and the trainer in real life situations. This is not done in a warehouse or a facility, but out on the trails, with other dogs and stimulus around. You will gain insight as to what's driving their behavior and how to properly communicate to your dog so they walk loose on the leash, improve their recall and work through leash anxiety and reactivity. By talking dog, you gain their trust, respect and an incredible bond that will get them to listen because they want to. We all listen a little better and do a little more for those we trust and respect, right? Dogs are no different. Proper messaging. It's critical in creating a well balanced and well behaved canine companion. The One on One sessions are eye opening, informative, supportive and motivating. 90 minutes.


Loose Leash Walking Class: 5 weeks. $125

This class is for you and your dog to participate in together. Class meets once a week for 5 weeks. Cost $125

Got a puller? Strengthen the line of communication between you and your canine and learn to LOVE the walk! You'll learn an easy 3 step process on how to properly signal your dog, get their attention and have them look up to you as if to say "tell me what to do next!"

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Improved Recall and Boundary Training: 4 sessions total, $100

This class is for you and your dog to participate in together. Class meets once a week for 4 weeks. Cost $100

We hear it all the time... "my dog doesn't seem to listen." This class will explain the why behind that and give the two of you a new way to communicate, one in which listening will be first and foremost on their mind. It's all about the relationship. You and your canine are a team. With a mutual respect and trust for one another as well as a clear and solid line of communication, you'll walk away with the tools you need to develop a relationship that produces more. We are all willing to do a little more, go a little farther and listen a little better for those we trust and respect right? Your canine is no different. We want that for you and your canine companion.

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Building Confidence and Socialization: 4 sessions total, $100

This class is for you and your dog to participate in together. Class meets once a week for 4 weeks. Cost $100

Are you looking to have some fun with your canine companion? This is a no stress class offering both fun and education! Your dog will gain exposure to new people & dogs, experience new textures & stimulation, enjoy games & enrichment, learn new skills, improve their ability to communicate and build confidence! Your confidence might take a boost too... when it comes to understanding what your dog may be feeling and communicating. We threw in some human education throughout the class as well regarding dog introductions, reading body language and reactivity. A confidence building course will be introduced that will expand and change throughout the duration of the 4 week class. You and your dog will also enjoy some time walking on the trails with the group. This is the perfect way to introduce your dog to new things in a safe and structured environment so that the experience is a positive one. We want this to be a fun class with no stress on the dog or the owner. Come join!

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